What Is TFN Nicotine?

What Is TFN Nicotine?

The vaping market has exploded in the past 15 years. What started with simple, basic e-cigarettes has blossomed into a multi-billion-dollar market that includes e-cigarettes, vape tanks, sophisticated box mods, and an enormous variety of vape juices. Innovation in the market isn't done yet, and the latest product is TFN, or tobacco-free nicotine. 
In this article, we'll give you the scoop on what exactly TFN is, how it compares to traditional nicotine-infused products, and what kinds of common vape products may contain TFN. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of the pros and cons of TFN vape juices, and you'll be able to make smart shopping choices for your personal use. 

How Is TFN Different From Tobacco-Derived Nicotine?

Tobacco-derived nicotine is made exactly how it sounds. The tobacco plant is grown, its leaves are harvested, and the naturally occurring nicotine is extracted from the plant matter to be infused into vape juices. TFN, on the other hand, starts in laboratories, with scientists creating nicotine's molecular structure from scratch without using any substances from tobacco. 
TFN is often called synthetic nicotine since the only chemical difference between it and tobacco-derived nicotine is where it comes from. If you compared the molecular structure of each kind of nicotine, you would find mirror images. At a molecular scale, there is no difference between TFN and traditional nicotine.

What Are the Benefits of Tobacco Free Nicotine Versus Normal Nicotine?

You might be asking yourself if there isn't a molecular difference between TFN and normal nicotine, then why go through the effort to build synthetic nicotine from scratch? TFN offers strong benefits to those who enjoy vaping products. Here are some of the strongest benefits TFN has over normal nicotine:

TFN Tastes Cleaner

When you use tobacco leaves to get nicotine, you never end up with just nicotine. You also get a lot of trace impurities that carry over from the plant material itself or from the chemicals used to extract nicotine from the plant matter. These impurities impact the taste of your vapor, which can be a deal-breaker for flavor chasers. 

TFN doesn't have any impurities. Since it's made in a lab, there aren't any solvents used to remove it from tobacco plant material, and no impurities from tobacco come along. Tobacco isn't part of the process at all, so the result is pure nicotine. This helps vape juices have a clean, authentic flavor without the bitterness of tobacco impurities. 

TFN Has Little to No Smell

Impurities don't only impact the taste of vape juice. They produce stronger odors, too, which can be a problem for vapers who enjoy vaping in public places or are trying to vape discreetly. Nicotine doesn't have an odor, and since TFN is pure nicotine, you won't have any strong odors from impurities. 

Remember, you can still have strong odors from added flavors in your vape liquid!

TFN Has Less Health Risk Than Normal Nicotine

Finally, if you're vaping nicotine with impurities, you're still exposing yourself to carcinogens that are found in the tobacco leaf. If you're vaping TFN, that risk is eliminated since the tobacco leaf is not involved. 

It is important to note that the nicotine in TFN isn't inherently safer than normal nicotine. The chemical structure is the same, so the health risks and addiction risks that normal nicotine is known for still apply to TFN.

Are There Drawbacks to TFN?

In terms of flavor or vaping experience, you won't find a drawback with TFN. However, the biggest drawback customers will find is the price. Making synthetic nicotine in a lab is expensive, which is why TFN products tend to be more expensive than their normal nicotine counterparts. 

If you have had a great experience with TFN but have a hard time stomaching the price, we recommend buying bottles of TFN e-liquid. Vape juice bottles are usually always the most cost-effective product for vapers, and if you're comfortable managing a refillable vape tank, then the savings of a TFN e-liquid bottle will be a great match. 

Can TFN Be More Shelf Stable?

While there isn't any hard data to prove any specific claims, it makes sense that TFN e-liquids could be more shelf-stable. The longevity of any given solution is determined by what is mixed inside, and if your nicotine has impurities in it, it could shorten the shelf-life. Even if the nicotine is fine, the impurities may not be, which would ruin your stored nicotine.

If you're looking for the most shelf-stable nicotine vape juices, then we definitely recommend TFN (until research says otherwise). This is especially true if you plan on buying e-liquid in bulk and then freezing it for longer-term storage. 

Which Vaping Products Include TFN?

TFN has already made a big splash on the vaping market, and you can find it in all kinds of different vaping products. 

TFN E-Liquids

Bottles of e-liquids are an easy way to find TFN. Since vape juice bottles are already cost-effective compared to disposable vapes or cartridges, it's an easy way to cut down on the premium you pay for TFN. Depending on the retailer, you can find TFN e-liquids in freebase and salt nicotine formulations. 

TFN Disposable Vapes

Vapers who enjoy disposables will be pleased to hear that TFN is commonly found in disposable vapes. Plan on paying a decent premium for both the TFN and disposable package, but the convenience and the crisp, clean flavor is worth it to many vapers. 

TFN Cartridges

For those looking for a middle ground between value and convenience, TFN can also be found in prefilled cartridges. Using cartridges instead of disposable vapes will be a bit more cost-effective, but will still allow vapers to try a product instead of investing in an entire bottle of e-liquid that they may or may not like.

Vapers will want to make sure that their chosen cartridge fits the power requirements of the vape pen or box mod.

The Future of TFN

TFN is likely here to stay. It provides a noticeably improved vaping experience, and it avoids many of the new federal vaping regulations. Keep an eye out on your favorite vape juice brands, as they will likely begin to start carrying TFN products soon if they haven't already started!