This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Rolling Trays

Designed to make the process of rolling much easier for the consumer, even the most basic of trays is shaped and designed to collect your herb towards the center. 

Rolling trays are an excellent way to get some personality in your smoking ritual, one that's unique to you and you only!


Ooze Glass Rolling Tray - Designer Series

One of the downsides of glass rolling trays is that they are fragile and very susceptible to damage by dropping. You won’t have that problem with this OOZE glass rolling tray! It is made with shatter-resistant glass, so you get to enjoy the easy maintenance that glass offers without having to worry about shattering it! This tray also has a...

Green Monkey Grinder and Tray Kit

If you’re a fan of Green Monkey pipes, then consider getting their matching tray and grinder! It is the perfect set up to grind your favorite dry herbs and to comfortably roll joints or blunts without spilling herb or otherwise making a mess.  The psychedelic coloring is on the tray, grinder, and included scraper. The grinder is a 4-piece model,...