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Glass Hand Pipes

Glass Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are the classic smoking device, these glass hand pipes typically offer a dry smoke, which means there is no water based diffusion of your smoke. 

On top of that, glass hand pipes offer some of the most convenient and travel friendly smoking solution. You simply need to pack the material into the bowl chamber, ignite, and you're all set.



Stripped Spoon Pipes

Having extra pipes is always a great idea, and these striped spoon pipes are perfect choices for spares or as dedicated traveling pipes. They are small, making packing them easy and allowing for discreet smoking. Their all-glass design helps keep hits tasting pure and crisp, too! These pipes come in two colors; white stripes or yellow and crisscrossing red and...

Jay and Silent Bob Mystery Pipes

These mystery pipes make a great surprise give for friends or for yourself! The style of pipe will be a small spoon pipe, but the art design is a mystery until you open it! There are several different designs that are possibilities, including several featuring Jay and Silent Bob and one featuring Buddy Christ! Regardless of the design, each spoon...

Tiger Stripe 7" Bubbler

Height: 7" For a dazzling, eye-catching hand pipe, look no further than this gorgeous blue and orange bubbler. The streaks of color can be found throughout the body, from the mouthpiece down to the bottom of the water reservoir.  Of course, this pipe is more than just bright colors! The elongated smoke chamber helps smoke cool before you inhale, and...

GRAV Pinch Spoon Hand Pipe

This little, budget-friendly spoon pipe is the perfect stocking stuffer or entry product into the world of smoking dry herbs! Its tiny bowl is perfect for brief smoking sessions, and its small size makes discreet travel a breeze.  Though small, GRAV still put thought into making sure this piece provides a solid smoking experience. The bowl still includes a carb...

Colored Glass Chillums

Chillums are great choices for smokers who want a straightforward, no-nonsense smoke session. All that’s needed is for the forward-facing bowl to be packed, and you can get right to smoking! This red and blue glass chillum is a great choice for beginners to this style of pipe or for those looking to grow their pipe collection! This piece is...

Micro NC Dab Kit

The Micro NC is your solution to enjoying concentrates while traveling without having to lug around a dab rig setup. This piece uses a nectar collector design and is easy to use discreetly wherever you happen to be! All you need is wax concentrate in the included glass tray and an external flame to heat the end of the Mirco...

GRAV Arcline Chillum

Chillum pipes are a must-have for any pipe collection, and the GRAV Arcline Chillum is one of our favorites. It sports the traditional function of a chillum pipe, including a forward-facing bowl. However, the unique design is what makes this pipe a favorite! The extra circles around the body make handling much more secure, and the flared mouthpiece means this...

Ooze Bowser Platinum Cured Silicone Pipe

Many smokers struggle to choose between silicone or glass pipes, so why not have a piece that’s both! The Ooze Bowser Silicone Pipes is party silicone and glass, giving you the benefits of both. The silicone body helps protect the pipe from damage, allowing drops and rough handling without cracks to the class.  The bowl and smoke path are glass,...

Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl

I scream, you scream, we all scream for smoking! This unique pipe/bowl combo is perfect if you want to transition between taking hits and eating your favorite snack seamlessly! The spoon style pipe is integrated into the side of the bowl and includes a carb hole to help control airflow.  The bowl the pipe is connected to is a literal...

GRAV Gandalf Sherlock Borosilicate Glass Pipe

This elegant pipe is reminiscent of the one used by Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, hence its name. It is designed with a generous bowl and a long, slender stem leading to the mouthpiece. The stem is more than just aesthetics, too. The long smoke pathway will give smoke ample time to cool, which will make your hits much...

Bubbler Hand-Pipe - 3"

If you want the smooth, crisp taste that water filtration provides but want to avoid the intricate set up of a large bong, then look no further than this bubbler hand-pipe. It features a small water reservoir to cool smoke and remove irritating particles, but the size is perfect for holding in one hand. This pipe also includes a carb...

Snoop Dogg Pounds: Friendship Hand Pipe

You can expect a smoking collaboration from Snoop Dogg to mean both quality and style, and the friendship hand pipe doesn’t fail with either. It sports a tasteful mix of classic and modern designs, with a large bowl for easy handling and a mouthpiece that’s slanted for better hit control.  The pipe features a built-in honeycomb screen, which will prevent...