Smoke Shop

74 products

74 products

What is a Smoke Shop?

Once part of a fringe underground culture, smoke shops (also known as head shops) are businesses where smokers of all styles can come in and enjoy purchasing interesting items related to smoking.

What Do They Sell in a Smoke Shop?

Smoke shops typically contain a wide variety of products related to tobacco or marijuana. These include pipes, lighters, ashtrays, vaporizers, wraps, and more. On top of the standard tobacco products offered, most smoke shops offer unique novelty items for the more advanced user. 

What Makes The Vapor Shoppe a Top Smoke Shop?

Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction, both in-store and online. It begins with our employees, who we train to be as helpful and positive as can be. Next is our industry leading product selection. We offer something for every style of smoking to ensure every customer is left satisfied. Best of all, our incredible prices and comfortable store atmosphere keeps our customers coming back!