This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Herb Grinders

Herb grinders are one of the most important tools for frequent flower smokers. Useful in situations where you're rolling up, loading up a pocket spoon, or packing a bowl, having a consistent grind is crucial for the best smoking experience. 

Grinder devices also enable smokers to get the most out of their herb. No one wants reduced potency from hand pulling herb!


Green Monkey Grinder and Tray Kit

If you’re a fan of Green Monkey pipes, then consider getting their matching tray and grinder! It is the perfect set up to grind your favorite dry herbs and to comfortably roll joints or blunts without spilling herb or otherwise making a mess.  The psychedelic coloring is on the tray, grinder, and included scraper. The grinder is a 4-piece model,...

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

Making infused butter and oils can be a challenge for even experienced cooks. The Magical Butter Botanical Extractor takes that challenge away to where anyone can make fantastic infused foods! With essentially no labor, this is what you need to make your favorite infused butter easily! The Magical Butter Botanical Extractor does nearly every step for you, including grinding your...