Pact Act

What is the PACT Act?

An amendment to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act was signed into law in December 2020 to include vape and smoke products. This amendment regulates the sale of vaping products both online and in bricks & mortar vape shops.


Will I Have To Sign For My Package? How Does It Work?

Yes. One of the main PACT Act criteria is every order must have any adult 21+ sign and receive the package at delivery. Any adult with an ID can receive the package, it does not have to be the purchaser.

** It may be beneficial to send your future orders to your workplace to ensure delivery! **


Is There a Ban On Online Vaping Products?

No. While the PACT Act introduces new regulations, it does not ban the online sale of vape or smoking products.


What Happens If No One Is Home When My Package Arrives?

As of now, when an order is unable to garner an adult signature at delivery after multiple attempts, the package will returned to us.

Can I Still Purchase From

Yes! Despite what you may have heard, online vape sales are not banned, just becoming more regulated. We'll continue our commitment to having the best products at the best price available!


How Do I Get Free Shipping Now?

Free Shipping is now available to all orders over $99. There will be a $5 Adult Signature Confirmation fee for all orders.