What Is TFN E-Liquid?

What Is TFN E-Liquid?

Vapers that keep up with the latest and greatest in vape juice products have probably noticed something new popping up on store shelves. There are e-liquids and disposable vapes that now include TFN as an ingredient. We have gotten a lot of questions about what TFN e-liquid is and how it can impact the overall vaping experience.

In this article, we'll talk about what's new with TFN e-liquid, different varieties of TFN you can find in different vape juices. If you've been curious about what TFN is, then you've come to the right place!

What Is Tobacco-Free Nicotine Juice?

Tobacco-free nicotine juice (or TFN vape juice) is vaping e-liquid that is made with synthetic nicotine. In traditional e-juices, nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves, where the nicotine is stripped from the plant matter by using a solvent like kerosene or ether. TFN never starts with tobacco. Instead, it is completely lab-made, which is why it's often called synthetic nicotine. 

What Is the Difference Between TFN Juice and Normal E-liquids?

The nicotine in TFN juice and normal e-liquids is the same at a molecular level. It's not a "nicotine-like" compound, it's real nicotine made in a lab. The biggest difference between TFN juice and normal e-liquids is what is present besides the nicotine. 

When nicotine is stripped from tobacco leaves, there are a lot of impurities that come with it. You'll get residual particles from the plant matter that couldn't be completely eliminated, and you'll get residual smells and tastes from the solvent used. If you've ever thought nicotine smelled bad, you're actually smelling other chemicals, not the nicotine itself. 

Nicotine is naturally odorless and tasteless, and since TFN is pure nicotine, it's a great choice for vape juices. The harsher, more bitter tastes that are often in nicotine-infused juices aren't present in TFN e-liquids, which means you get clear, bright flavors that taste incredible. It's one reason that TFN juices have exploded in popularity, despite their higher manufacturing costs.

Is TFN Safe?

TFN isn't any safer or more dangerous than nicotine derived from tobacco. As we said, natural and synthetic nicotine are identical at a molecular level, and both will affect your body in the same ways. 

Some have said that products that use TFN are overall safer because they avoid the impurities that come with getting nicotine from tobacco leaves. If you're concerned about potentially vaping carcinogens that tag along when nicotine is stripped from tobacco, then TFN products could possibly be a safer choice. 

What Are TFN Salts?

If you're a veteran vaper, you likely already know that traditional e-liquids can be infused with freebase or salt nicotine. Salt nicotine is newer to the market and allows for higher concentrations of nicotine without running the e-liquid's flavor. It also gives a more authentic "throat hit," which tobacco smokers often miss when they transition to vaping. 

TFN salts are just salt nicotine. The only difference is that it's made with synthetic nicotine instead of tobacco-derived nicotine, so you get all the benefits of vaping with a TFN liquid. TFN salts lack the bitterness their naturally-derived counterparts have, and they also lack the smell that the impurities can make when the liquid is vaporized. 

Should I use TFN Salts or Freebase TFN?

There's not a real right or wrong answer to which formulation of TFN you use. Freebase TFN offers lighter nicotine concentrations, which are ideal for people trying to wean themselves off of higher doses of nicotine. TFN salts usually require specific resistances in vape tanks, which is why they are often sold as disposable vapes.

If you already have a preference for which variety of nicotine you enjoy in your e-juice, then stick with that when you try TFN salts or e-liquids. 

What's the Most Popular TFN E-Liquid?

Even though TFN e-liquids are pretty new, there are already a bunch of options available. We've taken the time to do a little round-up of some of our favorites! 

Naked 100 E-Liquid

Naked 100 is an e-liquid veteran, so it should come as no surprise that they already have a broad selection of TFN juices. They offer fruit-based flavors like Melon Kiwi and Strawberry Pomm, and they also have tobacco-oriented flavors like American Patriots and Euro Gold. Remember, even the tobacco-flavored juices aren't derived from tobacco!

Naked 100's TFN juices are mixed in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio and come in 30mL bottles. Most of their flavors are available in salt nicotine varieties mixed at 35mg and 50mg strengths. 

Jam Monster

Jam Monster is a great brand for vapers who want bulk value in the e-liquids they purchase. Jam Monster bottles are very large, holding 100mL of vape juice. Sweet-tooths will be pleased to hear that the flavor focus of this brand is largely fruity, sporting flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, and Banana. 

Jam Monster's TFN juices are formulated in 75/25 VG/PG mix and come in 100mL bottles. Most of their flavors are available in freebase nicotine at 3mg and 6mg options. 

7 Daze Red's Apple

7 Daze Red's Apple is a go-to flavor line if you love apple and fruit-oriented flavors. You'll find several varieties of apple tastes like Watermelon Apple Iced and Iced Apple, and of course the Original Apple flavor. Vapers that gravitate towards sweet blends will love the Red's Apple lineup that 7 Daze offers with their TFN juices. 

7 Daze Red's Apple varieties are mixed in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio in 30mL bottles. Recipes are mixed in a salt nicotine solution, available in 30mg and 50mg varieties. 

Air Factory Salt

For our final flavor, we wanted to mention Air Factory Salt. Their fruit blends are incredible, and they carry unique varieties like Arctic Berry Pom, Razzleberry Blast, and Wild Apple. Paired with TFN, these bright and fruity notes shine through even brighter and fruitier! 

Air Factory Salt TFN blends are mixed in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio in 30mL bottles. Salt is the nicotine of choice, with most flavors available in 50mg concentrations.