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Disposable Vapes

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      16 products

      Disposable Vape

      Disposable vapes are non-rechargeable vaping devices that come pre-charged and pre-filled with various flavored vape juice. Created to maximize convenience, these vaping devices use high strength salt nicotine which gives uses a satisfying nicotine hit to mimic the smoking experience. With this convenience in mind, users need no lighter, ash tray, or any other smoking tool, disposable vapes are draw activated and ready to vape whenever a user wants. With a large range of popular brands such as Mr. Vapor, Posh Plus, and Breeze Vape, there's an option for every smoker! Shop our disposable vape collection today. 


      How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

      Most disposable vapes have quite simple engineering, ensuring their potential to maximize convenience. Inside most include a battery, chamber, and a cotton soaked with vape juice. The disposable vape battery powers the heating chamber, which then provides the heat to warm up the vape juice, which gives users the vapor to smoke. This also means once the vape juice runs out, you toss the device away and purchase another. Different devices have different ways of informing users of low or depleted batteries.

      How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

      With the abundance of disposable vapes on the market, different segments and niches have been created depending on a user’s needs. Certain products, such as the Breeze Vape, offer an unprecedented 800 puffs per device. Other users prefer smaller devices, to maximize portability and freshness of the vape juice. Regardless of a user’s preferences, a device exists to fulfill their needs.

      What to Consider When Buying a Disposable Vape?

      If you’re ready to purchase a new disposable vape, there’s a few options to consider. It’s easy to get overwhelmed because of the multitude of devices on the market. Keep these things in mind:
      • How many hits does the device get? Smaller devices will get a few hundred, with some of the larger ones exceeding 1,000 hits per device.
      • Is there a particular flavor you prefer? Certain products have distinguishable flavors, and it’s best to test various flavors to find your favorite.
      • Each disposable vape has its own engineering, flavor creation, design, and marketing. It’s important to form your own opinion and find a device you prefer!