This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Smoking Tools

Click Spin Ashtray

If you’re enjoying a long smoking session or are sharing an ashtray among friends, ash build-up can be a real problem, especially if you don’t have a convenient place to dump it. The Click Spin Ashtray solves this problem entirely!  When you press the center, the ashtray rotates to force ash into the opened hole. When all of the ash...

Novelty Ash Trays

Unruly ash is the bane of many smokers, but these novelty ashtrays are a stylish, fun way to contain the mess of your smoking sessions! They come in a variety of designs that will fit right in with your other pipes, pieces, and related paraphernalia.  Over time, ashtrays will build up residue and other gunk, but these trays are easily...

QCarbo16 Detoxify Your Body - Mega Strength Cleansing Formula

The best way to keep your body healthy is to care for it with exercise and healthy foods consistently, but sometimes we need a boost! QCarbo16 Detoxify is a quick, easy way to jump-start healthy living by getting rid of harmful toxins from your body.  This formula is packed with healthy herbs and other nutrients to help your body start...

Detoxify Ready Clean Herbal Cleanse

It’s never a bad idea to give special attention to your health, and periodic cleanses are a great way to keep your body in good working order. Detoxify Ready Clean Herbal Cleanse is one of the best cleanses available! Not only does it do an amazing job of helping your body get rid of harmful toxins, but the taste is...