How Long Does E-liquid Last?

How Long Does E-liquid Last?

Have you ever wondered how long the e-liquid you’re vaping lasts? Or what causes e-liquid to change color? With the vaping community expanding every day, these are some of the common questions that the consumers have been asking more frequently.

If you have asked yourself any of these questions you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken the time to thoroughly explain and provide all the information that you should know about e-liquid to have a safe and satisfactory vaping experience.

How long does e-liquid stay fresh when opened?

A bit of knowledge people who vape tend to be lacking is how long does e-liquid last once opened. E-liquid itself in an airtight sealed container can last up to 2-3 years depending how it is stored. Once the seal is broken, the time it will be good for is roughly 3-6 months. 

Keeping your e-liquid in different environments will also affect how long your juice will last. You should always keep your e-liquid out of direct lighting and in places no warmer than room temperature. Both of these factors will have an effect on the flavor and the color of your liquid. On the contrary, keeping your e-liquid in the fridge or freezer will actually help preserve it. The fridge is the preferred method among most e-cigarette users but the freezer works just as well. The cold temperature will keep any chemical reactions from happening between the substances, preserving flavor for the long run. Keep in mind when you take out your e-liquid from the fridge or freezer your juice will have a thicker consistency. Just make sure to let your juice warm up to room temperature before filling up your device or trying to vape it.

Does e-liquid expire?

One important question that is asked a lot is, “does e-liquid expire?” The answer is yes. Worried you might be smoking expired e-liquid? Don’t be, most e-liquid brands have an expiration date of two years; which is a lot longer than the time it takes most people to go through a bottle of e-liquid. The reason e-liquid expires is due to the oxidation of the nicotine and the loss of flavor due to chemical reactions between different substances.

How to tell if your e-liquid is expired?

There are a lot of signs that your e-liquid is expired including:

  • Consistency- Pay attention to the consistency of your e-liquid when you purchase it. One sign your e-liquid has gone bad is that the consistency will be a lot runnier or a lot thicker than what it was originally.
  • Color Change- E-liquid will naturally turn darker slowly over time, especially ones containing nicotine and lots of sweeteners. A process called oxidation causes a reaction in the nicotine, which causes it to turn darker, leading to the liquid as a whole turning darker as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean your liquid is expired. However, if your liquid is turning very dark over a short period of time, especially colors that aren’t yellow or light brown, it probably means your liquid is going bad. Also pay attention if the liquid has separated, if part of the bottle looks lighter than the other and shaking it doesn’t fix it, this also most likely means your liquid is on its way to being expired.
  • Smell and Taste- This is a given; your e-liquid should taste and smell good. If the liquid you always use starts to taste or smell different than usual, that most likely is a sign that your juice has or is going bad.
  • Labels- Majority of e-liquid brands have an expiration date or date of production on the bottle somewhere you can check if you are unsure if your juice is expired.

    Is it okay to vape expired E-liquid?

    Worried what will happen if you vape expired e-juice? Don’t fret it too much, vaping expired e-liquid won’t kill you, although it might make you a bit sick or leave a not so pleasant taste in your mouth. If you think your e-liquid is expired the best option is to just go grab yourself a new bottle. The main component in expired e-liquid is the loss of flavor and less nicotine strength so even if you did vape expired e-liquid it won’t be as satisfactory as a fresh new bottle.

    How long does a bottle of vape juice last the average consumer?

    There are a lot of factors going into how long a bottle of juice will last. The average person goes through 2-3 ml of juice a day therefore one bottle of 30 ml of e-liquid would last roughly 10-15 days. 

    This isn’t true for everyone their tons of things you have to take into account including:

    • How good is the flavor?

    One important factor is how much you like the flavor you are vaping. If you are using your favorite flavor in the whole world, you will most likely go through it a lot faster than a flavor that you mildly enjoy. Our guide to the best and most flavorful flavors is a great place to start.

    • What kind of device are you using?

    The type of device you are using plays a big factor in how fast you go through your e-liquid. For example, if you are using a box mod you will be vaping at a higher wattage which will burn more liquid versus using a mtl device where you will be vaping at a lower wattage leading to less e-liquid being turned into vapor. 
    • How often do you vape?

    Even though the average person only goes through 2-3 ml of e-liquid a day doesn’t mean that you fit necessarily into that area. The more you vape the faster you will go through your e-liquid. 

    If you would like to know exactly how long a bottle of e-liquid will last you keep track of how many ml of liquid you use in a day than divide the size of the bottle of juice by that number EX: 

    Billy vapes 4 ml of liquid every day. He always buys the same 30 ml bottle of juice but wants to know how long it will last him. To find out Billy takes the number of e-liquid he goes through in a day (4 ml) and then divides the size of the bottle (30 ml) by that number. After the math Billy learns he goes through a 30 ml bottle in 7 and a half days roughly.

    How to dispose of expired e-liquid?

    Now that you’re able to tell if your e-liquid is expired, how do you dispose of it? If you are thinking about dumping it down the drain, think again. The thickness of the juice will clog your drain and cause other damage. The simplest way of disposing of your e-liquid is throwing it away in the trash in the bottle it came with, although this isn’t the best for the environment. The most eco-friendly way to dispose of expired e-liquid is to pour it into kitty litter and let it clump up then dispose of it in the trash. Even though there are ways to dispose of e-liquid, it's best to keep track of when your juice expires so you aren’t wasting any and you’re getting the most out of your vaping experience.