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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Spoon Hand Pipes

Spoon Hand Pipes

The quintessential smoker's tool, spoon hand pipes are pocket-sized and easy to use. They come in a flurry of designs and colors to suit every customers needs. 

Featuring an indented chamber called the bowl, this chamber is where you pack and light your favorite herbs. At the same end of the bowl is the carb. Carbs function to allow air into the pipe so smoke is easily cleared. 

The Vapor Shoppe has the best selection of spoon hand pipes, from one hitters to elaborate bubblers.


Stripped Spoon Pipes

Having extra pipes is always a great idea, and these striped spoon pipes are perfect choices for spares or as dedicated traveling pipes. They are small, making packing them easy and allowing for discreet smoking. Their all-glass design helps keep hits tasting pure and crisp, too! These pipes come in two colors; white stripes or yellow and crisscrossing red and...

Jay and Silent Bob Mystery Pipes

These mystery pipes make a great surprise give for friends or for yourself! The style of pipe will be a small spoon pipe, but the art design is a mystery until you open it! There are several different designs that are possibilities, including several featuring Jay and Silent Bob and one featuring Buddy Christ! Regardless of the design, each spoon...

GRAV Pinch Spoon Hand Pipe

This little, budget-friendly spoon pipe is the perfect stocking stuffer or entry product into the world of smoking dry herbs! Its tiny bowl is perfect for brief smoking sessions, and its small size makes discreet travel a breeze.  Though small, GRAV still put thought into making sure this piece provides a solid smoking experience. The bowl still includes a carb...

Ooze Bowser Platinum Cured Silicone Pipe

Many smokers struggle to choose between silicone or glass pipes, so why not have a piece that’s both! The Ooze Bowser Silicone Pipes is party silicone and glass, giving you the benefits of both. The silicone body helps protect the pipe from damage, allowing drops and rough handling without cracks to the class.  The bowl and smoke path are glass,...