This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Bubbler pipes are one of the best options for a portable water pipe, along with the added bonus of being able to function as a dry pipe (without water). 

Bubblers are popular because of their size and smooth hits. With a seemingly unlimited number of styles, The Vapor Shoppe offers a nice variety of high quality and excellent priced bubbler pipes.


Tiger Stripe 7" Bubbler

Height: 7" For a dazzling, eye-catching hand pipe, look no further than this gorgeous blue and orange bubbler. The streaks of color can be found throughout the body, from the mouthpiece down to the bottom of the water reservoir.  Of course, this pipe is more than just bright colors! The elongated smoke chamber helps smoke cool before you inhale, and...

Bubbler Hand-Pipe - 3"

If you want the smooth, crisp taste that water filtration provides but want to avoid the intricate set up of a large bong, then look no further than this bubbler hand-pipe. It features a small water reservoir to cool smoke and remove irritating particles, but the size is perfect for holding in one hand. This pipe also includes a carb...