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Beaker Glass Water Pipes

Beaker Water Pipes

The original class water pipes, they offer a wide bottom that offer increased stability with a smooth smoking sensation. Sturdier than their straight tube brethren, these water pipes are less likely to be knocked off and break.

The beakers big base is an advantage when wanting more room for percs for that extra filtration experience. The Vapor Shoppe continues to provide the best beaker glass pipes available, at an awesome price. 


Beautiful Blue Beaker Style Water Pipe

Height: 8 1/2" This gorgeous water pipe serves not only as smokeware but also as a genuinely good looking piece of art! The blue swirls follow the pipe’s body, complimented by the curved ridges that serve to promote secure, proper handling. The mouthpiece and smoke chamber are extra-wide, allowing for large hits to be taken quickly and easily. They also...

Hellboy 10 inch Premium Water Pipe

Looking to show off your Hellboy fandom and have an incredibly smoking experience? This fantastic beaker-style water pipe featuring Hellboy is sure to please. It features art on the bottom of the pipe, “Hellboy” on the neck, and “the boy from hell” sprawled across the water reservoir.  This pipe does more than just appeal to a fandom, though. It’s designed...

Mini Beaker Style Bong with Colored Glass

Height: 6" Many of artistic looking beaker style bongs you’ll find are huge, heavy, and meant to live in a single place. For those looking for a piece that easier to travel with and handle without sacrificing the look of a beautiful piece, consider this bong! Its short smoke chamber and small water reservoir make it easy to pack it...

Large Beaker Style Water Pipe

Height: 12" If your favorite pipes tend to stay in one place, then this large beaker style water pipe is a great fit. Its large design is meant to keep it largely stationary, but the oversized, ridged smoke chamber makes it easy to handle during smoking and clean up.  The large water reservoir makes it easy to have long, relaxing...

Small Pink Bong with Large Water Reservoir

Height: 9" This small water pipe is perfect for easy smoking at home or as a traveling partner for smoking on the road! The wide, cylindrical base keeps it from easily falling over, and the extra-long smoking chamber helps with handling and giving the smoke a chance to cool.  This bong comes with a medium bowl, but its forward-facing design...

Glass Water Pipe with Percolator

Height: 10" Glass water pipes have a reputation for creating smooth, cool hits, and pipes with percolators only enhance the flavor! When smoke passes through percolators, it is forced to diffuse into the water, allowing for more smoke to be filtered. The result? The smoothest, coolest hit you’ve ever had from a water pipe! This piece comes with a medium-sized...

Yellow Glass Beaker Water Pipe

Height: 13.5" If you want to make big hits in a hurry, this large yellow glass beaker water pipe is calling to you. It comes with a large bowl that can hold a generous amount of dry herbs and a large water reservoir to make sure your smoke is thoroughly filtered. Our favorite part of this piece is the large...

Styled-Bong - 7"

Glass water pipes have a reputation for being fragile and difficult to handle. If you are afraid of breaking a new piece (or have already done so repeatedly), then this water pipe with extra thick glass is perfect! Small and compact, it will more readily resist cracking and breaking while still providing the cool taste of water-filtrated hits.  This piece...

Purple Bong Glass Piece - 8"

This little, perfect bong is a great piece for both beginners and veterans alike. Its small size makes it easy to handle and travel with, which is great for those not accustomed to using a bong. The intricate downstem, built-in percolator, and extra-long smoke chamber are perfect for cooling down hits to make them extra smooth, which veterans love.  The...