7 Daze MFG - Reds Apple E-Juice and Disposable Vapes

      5 products

      5 products

      7 Daze is a distinguished e-liquid manufacturer known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and flavor in the vaping industry. With its roots firmly planted in the early days of vaping, 7 Daze has grown into a brand celebrated for creating some of the most memorable and flavorful e-juice profiles on the market. Their dedication to crafting unique blends has resulted in a loyal following among vapers who appreciate complex flavors and high-quality ingredients.

      Perhaps best known for their original Reds Apple E-Juice, 7 Daze has continued to expand its flavor offerings, exploring a variety of fruit, dessert, and menthol combinations. Each e-liquid is meticulously developed to deliver a satisfying and robust vaping experience, with flavors that are balanced, rich, and consistent from the first puff to the last.


      • Reds Apple E-Juice: The flagship product that put 7 Daze on the map, Reds Apple E-Juice delivers the crisp and refreshing taste of red apples, available in original, iced, and various fruit-infused variations.
      • Reds Apple Grape: Expanding on the success of their original apple flavor, this variant blends the sweet taste of grapes with the crispness of red apples, creating a perfectly balanced fruit vape.
      • Magnetic Liquids: A line that showcases 7 Daze's innovation, featuring a range of eclectic and vibrant flavors designed to attract and satisfy with every vape.
      • 7 Daze Salt Series: Catering to users of pod systems and mouth-to-lung devices, the Salt Series brings 7 Daze's beloved flavors to nicotine salt form, offering a smooth throat hit and satisfying nicotine delivery.