What Are Box Mods?

What Are Box Mods?

Have you ever wondered what all the numbers on your box mods display setting mean? Or ever wonder about how the coils you are using work? These are some of the questions users all over the vaping community ask and knowing the answers will help you get the most out of your device and even elevate your vaping experience all together.

What is a Vape Coil and what does it do?

A coil (also known as an atomizer) is the key component in getting vapor production from your device that sits in the center of your tank. The vape coils themselves are made of a type of resistance wire that is heated up to high temperatures to burn the e-liquid that the wick soaks up overtime. There are many different types of coils with different preferences giving users many options to fit their vaping style. 
Sub Ohm Coil

What are Ohms and what do they mean?

Ohms are one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to coils and are very important. Ohms are the unit for measuring the amount of electrical resistance that is running through the coil. The Ohms are important because different types of juice work better with certain resistant levels. Coils with lower resistance run more power through them which leads to more vapor production while higher resistance will receive less current and produce less vapor. Devices meant for high nicotine salt liquid have a high resistance coil because they have lower power output and produce less vapor. On the other hand, Box mods that use a sub ohm tank run lower resistance levels to produce a lot of vapor. Knowing your Ohms will help users choose the best coil that fits their vaping style. 

How long do Coils last?

Unfortunately no coil will last forever. There are a few factors that can determine how long a coil will last but it varies from user to user. If you use your device every day non stop, your coil will burn out faster than someone who uses their device in moderation; although letting your device sit for long periods of time will also decrease the time your coil lasts. Another factor for the life span of your coil is the juice you are using. E-liquid made using natural flavoring typically lasts longer than ones that use artificial flavoring. To get the most out of your coil, whenever replacing an old one make sure to let the new one soak for at least 15 minutes before you begin using it.

How do I know when to replace my Coil?

Although the time is different for everyone, there are multiple signs that it’s time to change coils. The most obvious sign is the taste. When your coil is completely done it will have a distinct burnt taste. If your coil is getting to the point that it needs to be replaced, the flavor will be lighter than normal or less vapor will be produced. Even if your coil seems fine it is highly recommended to change it at least once a month. 

What are the different modes my Box Mod can use?

When most new users set up their box mod they don't realize there are different modes they can choose from that could help get the most out of their device. There are two main modes that most box mods use; Temperature Control mode and Variable Wattage mode. Both of these modes function differently and play a big factor in how your device will work. 

Variable Wattage Mode

Variable Wattage Mode (also known as watt mode or power mode), enables users to change the output power your mod produces. This is factory default for most box mods, and is fairly simple for new users to understand. The higher the wattage you set your device at the more power will be run through the coil leading to more vapor production and vice versa for lower wattage. With Watt mode, the longer you power up the device the stronger the current running through your coil will get. 

Temperature Control Mode

If you are looking for consistency when using your device, Temperature Control Mode (or TC) is definitely for you. TC mode lets the user set the desired temperature then as power is being run through your coil, it adjusts the output to maintain the preset temperature. By keeping the coil at the same temperature, the amount of vapor produced will be consistent regardless of the length of the hit. Think of TC like cruise control in a car. Your car will stay at the speed you set it at but if road conditions change such as going uphill, your car will put more power into the engine so you still maintain your current speed; while Watt mode is like pressing the gas to the floor and constantly going faster the longer you hold it.

What is an RDA?

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (or RDA) is a type of atomizer where the user puts everything together themselves. Although you can buy pre-built RDA coils, users can build their own coils by using wire [see image 1]. Then, cotton is run through the coil and everything is put into the frame of the RDA [see image 2] . RDA’s are different from the traditional tank where the user only has to refill it with juice when it's empty. To use a RDA, the user has to drip e-liquid onto the cotton every 3-6 hits or whenever the cotton starts to dry out (this process is called dripping). Dripping tends to produce thicker vapor clouds while also increasing the flavor profile of your e-juice. RDA’s are a great part of the vaping community giving more advanced users more control over their vaping experience.