Best Disposable Vapes 2021

As vaping becomes more mainstream, the availability of disposable vape pens seems endless. It's all too common to get a disposable vape and have it have a poor battery life, low-quality flavors, or an uncomfortable and hard to use design.

Luckily for you, we've gone through the trash to find the treasure! Below are our choices for the best disposable vapes right now. While each of these pens has its own pros and cons, expect every single option to provide:

  • An easy to use design
  • Delicious flavors and a wide variety of flavor options
  • Solid battery life producing at least several hundred puffs
  • At least a 5% salt nicotine concentration


1. Breeze Disposable

You'll be hard-pressed to find a disposable vape as easy and convenient to use as a Breeze vape. Each disposable vape comes with a fully charged 650mAh battery, which Breeze guarantees to last at least 800 puffs. It also comes fully loaded with your choice of 3.5mL of e-juice infused with 5% salt nicotine.

You won't find buttons or even a charging port on Breeze disposables. You can literally open the box and immediately begin vaping. It uses a draw-fire heating element, so it will only produce vapor when you take a hit. Breeze is truly an all-in-one, ready out of the box product, which makes it one of our favorites for 2021.


Breeze Vape Disposable

2. Posh Plus

If you want a disposable vape that is a bit more discreet but still offers a long-lasting vaping experience, then you'll love Posh Plus as much as we do. It uses a 450mAh battery to provide up to 500 puffs per vape. The Posh Plus can hold up to 2mL of your choice of flavored e-juice, which is infused with 6% nicotine salt, giving it a bit more kick than other choices on this list.

Like most high-end disposable vapes, the Posh Plus relies on a self-contained vaping system with no buttons or options to adjust. All you do is take a draw, and the draw-fire mechanism will begin to produce vapor exactly when you need it. For packing in a great performance in a small, discreet package, Posh Plus has earned its place on our best-of list!

Posh Plus

3. Mr. Vapor Bar

Mr. Vapor is an industry leader in disposable vapes, and their classic bar-style disposable vape continues to draw fans nationwide. It uses a super compact design to give a super discreet experience while still offering a satisfying vaping experience. Each bar is good for about 280 puffs on 1.3mL of your choice of e-juice flavor. All e-juice is infused with 5% salt nicotine, which is an industry-standard for disposable vapes.

Mr. Vapor Bar also makes use of a draw-fire mechanism to produce vapor, making it in line with the all-in-one simplicity found on other disposable vapes on this list. Its super compact design, along with a large variety of flavors, has Mr. Vapor Bar earning a spot on our list!

Mr. Vapor

4. Mr. Vapor Glow

If you love the Mr. Vapor brand but are looking for different flavors or a larger, long-lasting disposable vape, then the Mr. Vapor Glow is an excellent choice. While the flavors available for the Glow vary from the Bar, all will still have a 5% salt nicotine concentration.

However, you'll be getting through more e-liquid and more puffs with the Glow. Each disposable vape comes with 3.2mL of e-juice and can last up to 650 puffs. As with the Bar, the Glow also makes use of a draw-fire mechanism to produce vapor when you take a hit.

Mr. Vapor Glow earns its place on our list for offering a longer-lasting vaping experience than its Bar counterpart for those that want more vapor instead of a compact, discreet design.

5. Posh Plus XL

Much like the difference between the Mr. Vapor Bar and Glow, the Posh Plus XL offers a long-lasting vaping experience for those that love Posh. It holds a whopping 5mL of e-liquid at a 6% salt nicotine concentration. That amount of vape juice will last up to 1500 puffs, dwarfing any other option on our list.

It still has the modern conveniences of a high-end disposable vape, including a draw-fire feature and a ready out of the box design. You'll be able to find an impressive library of flavors for the Posh Plus XL too! Remember, if you're looking for a bit more of a nicotine kick, both the Posh Plus and Posh Plus XL have a slightly higher salt nicotine concentration.

Its huge e-juice capacity and long-lasting performance earn the Posh Plus XL a well-deserved spot on our list!

6. V-Stick Plus

Rounding out or disposable vape list is the V-Stick Plus, which is a perfect Goldilocks design of not too big and not too small. It's just right! It has a 2.2mL e-juice capacity with a 5% salt nicotine concentration.

Its midrange e-liquid capacity is complemented by its midrange puff capacity, capable of producing up to 500 puffs on a single stick. As with the other options on our list, the V-Stick Plus uses a draw-fire method that will only produce vapor when you are actively taking a hit.

With a solid selection of flavors to choose from, the V-Stick Plus stands out as a great mid-sized option, which earns its place on our list!

Choosing a Disposable Vape

We love each and every disposable vape on this list, but that doesn't mean each one will be a perfect fit for your needs. When choosing between these options, you should consider these factors to make sure you get exactly what you need:

  • Battery life/puff capacity
  • E-juice capacity and flavor availability
  • Nicotine Concentration
  • Overall size and design of the vape pen

Be sure to carefully take note of what you need most of your disposable vape pen before jumping into a purchase. If you're unsure, most of these vapes are quite budget-friendly, so feel free to try a few to determine which might be the best fit for you!

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